Increase Sales in Financial Services

How satisfied are you with the number of at-bats your people are getting?

You need your partners, bankers, or other credentialed members of your company to spend time selling and closing sales – but they’re saying they don’t have time to hunt. You need them out there hunting and so you need to know you can hold them accountable for that, but you may also have the sinking feeling that they’re avoiding sales because they don’t know what to do or because sales feels “too hard.”

When your people know what to say about the value you offer and have a well-defined process they can follow and you can measure – holding them accountable for sales becomes easy.

Slattery Sales Group can train any or all of the members of your organization who need to selling and driving business development. We can help you hire new team members who are skilled at sales and we can give your people the language and understanding they need to target the right prospects and shorten the sales cycle.