Sales Simulator

How can you ensure that your sales reps can powerfully answer the most common objections they hear?

  • Why should we leave our current vendor?
  • Why should I look at you as opposed to a competitor who has a lower price?
  • What makes you better?

If your sales force had better reflexes in the face of opposition, you know they would close more sales. How can you give them the reflexes of a seasoned fighter pilot when you can’t see how they’re responding and you don’t have an easy way to train them against the toughest situations they’ll face?

Management can’t be on every sales call – and yet there are patterns that happen over and over. Sales calls keep getting more expensive. You can send your people through training and give them tests, but how do you know that they’re really executing the conversations you want over time? And how do you verify that they’ve made changes when your product or the marketplace changes?

Like pilots, your sales reps can go through simulation training so that their ability to execute becomes second nature. Video-based sales simulation training puts your people through the most challenging sales situations they face again and again until they can deliver the right response every time. Video-based sales training also shows you the results firsthand so that you can see your team using answers that work.

In a survey of 835 companies, video-based sales simulation training helped 35% more salespeople achieve their quota. What could you do with an extra 35% of your sales force making quota?

In addition to the sales force, this training can also have a big impact on the people in your company who’ve been charged with protecting and growing relationships. These people also have a pressing need to avoid being commoditized over time and respond to new challenges.